Alexander the Great

356 BC Born, in Pella, the capital of Macedonia, the son of King Phillip II.
336 BC Phillip II assassinated; Alexander becomes King of Macedonia.
334 BC Having quelled rebellions at home, Alexander crossed the Hellespont into Asia, to make war on Darius III of Persia.
333 BC The Battle of Issus. Darius crushed, and has to flee, abandoning his family.
332 BC Having conquered Asia Minor (modern Turkey) and Syria, Alexander enters Egypt and founds the city of Alexandria.
331 BC Alexander is recognized as a god in Egypt, which peacefully submits to his rule. Turning northwards, he engages with Darius again at the Battle of Gaugamela. Darius is defeated, and killed by his own generals. Babylon, Susa, and later Persepolis, the capital of the Persian Empire, surrender to Alexander.
326 BC Alexander crosses the Indus river, and invades Punjab.
325 BC Alexander begins to return westward.
323 BC Alexander reaches Babylon, where he dies, aged 33, of fever.


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